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8 Horrifying Tribal Rituals From Around The World

8. “The Ant Gloves”: The Satere Mawe Indians
live deep in the Amazon jungles of Brazil, where they still practice brutal ancient customs
to this day. Several times a year, boys as young as twelve have to go through an extremely
painful initiation if they ever want to become respected as adults. These village kids have
to wear painful gloves on both of their hands that have been filled with Bullet Ants. The
Bullet Ant stings like a wasp. It hurts so bad that it feels like you are getting shot,
hence the name. Scientists have even measured its sting to be thirty times worse than that
of an American bee. The gloves themselves are made of tightly
woven leaves with small holes on the inside. These holes are to keep the ants fixed in
place with their stingers pointed towards the skin. Once the gloves go on, there’s
no escaping the hundreds of venomous stings from within. To get the ants into the holes
without hurting them, they are first submerged into a mixture of liquid herbs that knocks
them out, then they are pushed one-by-one into tiny holes that hold them in place so
that they can’t move, only sting over and over again. The Satere Mawe children must wear the ant
gloves and endure the stinging pain for at least ten minutes as they dance in a circle
with medicine men and other tribe members encouraging them to continue and not pass
out. It can take up to eleven hours before all of the village children have been tested.
By the end of the ceremony, their hands are black, swollen, and paralyzed. It not uncommon
for them to hallucinate or faint afterwards and feel numb for days. One boy said he felt
so hot by the end of the ritual that “water would become smoke” if it touched his skin. Unfortunately, wearing the gloves just once
is not enough. Boys are expected to perform this ritual no less than 20 times within a
single year before they are considered tough enough to be a man. That’s a lot of ant
bites. 7. “Land Diving”: When the yams become
ripe on the Pentecost Island, it means that it’s time for the “Nagaul” ritual. Nagual
translates into “land diving”. It is the Ngol tribe’s way of becoming a man, and
it is about as dangerous as it sounds – way more dangerous than the ant gloves of the
Satere Mawe. For this ritual, boys as young as 8-years-old must jump off of a gigantic
tower. The only thing keeping them from splattering below are two jungle vines wrapped around
their ankles. The object of this ritual is to demonstrate
their courage to the tribe. When a child’s turn to jump comes, they are supposed to perform
a speech that summarizes who they are and how they view the world. Basically, their
last words. This is a very dramatic moment and all of their family is watching. When
the time comes to jump, they must pray that the jungle vines they picked out with their
family are moist enough to support their body weight without snapping. If they succeed,
they dance with the rest of the tribe in the winner’s circle as the ceremony continues.
If the vine is too dry, it snaps – along with their neck. Like the ant gloves, jumping from the tower
just one time is simply not enough to prove you are a man. You have to repeat the ritual
every year. On top of that, it gets more dangerous every year. The tower has a series of platforms
that go up to 70 feet. You start at 20 feet with your first jump and jump from 5 five
feet higher every year. Deaths and severe injuries are quite common. 6. “Ritualized Child Abuse”: Children
of ancient societies were often taught harsh lessons so that they were better able to survive
in a brutal and unforgiving world. The Spartans were taken from their mothers as children
and used to serve food. They themselves were never given food, but they were beaten if
they were ever caught eating. This was to teach young Spartan children at an early age
to become tough and sneaky, two skills that would prepare them for the real world. Like
the Spartans, the Sambia tribe of Papua, New Guinea also prepares their children for adulthood,
but their methods are even more shocking and grotesque. The Sambia tribe regards women as impure and
contagious, which is why all boys are taken away from their mothers at the age of 7 to
live with the village males. Over the next 10 years, they are subjected to a brutal series
of rituals designed to rid them of any feminine impurities. First, they have a sharpened stick
jabbed up their nostrils until a large amount of blood comes out to teach them to be strong
and endure pain. The stick is not shoved through the nostril like a piercing, but rather straight
up. If the boy tries to escape during this semi-lobotomy, they will be severely beaten
and treated as a lesser being for their whole life. 5. “Justifiable Cannibalism”: New Guinea
once again makes the list with the Kombai , a jungle tribe with a wide variety of cultural
traditions ranging from bizarre (using maggots to clean your ears) to dangerous ones. One
ritual in particular, however, tops them all. According to Kombai values, you are legally
allowed to commit murder if the circumstances are right. Not only that, but you are encouraged
to eat the remains of your victim afterwards to claim their soul. Keep in mind that murder is still fundamentally
wrong in their society, so you are not allowed to do this to just anyone. However, the Kombai
believe in magical witches known as Kahkhua-Kumu, who eat the very souls of their victims. Since
they eat the souls of their victims, the Kombai believe it is only fair to eat their soul
in return. The only problem is these witches take the shape of ordinary men, so they are
sometimes hard to detect. One other thing: in Kombai culture, the soul
resides in the brain and in the stomach, so once a witch is discovered, these organs must
always be eaten first. One tribesman explains how his father brutally
murdered somebody suspected of being a Kahkhua-Kumu. First, his father tied the hands of the suspected
witch. Next, he threw the witch in a river and shot him them of arrows, making sure not
to kill them immediately. Instead, he drank river water with the blood as the man slowly
died, and then decapitated him. The father then ate what he could. This story is recited
by his son with pride, not shame. In their culture, the man’s father was defeating
a great evil, not committing murder. 4. “Temple Sacrifices”: When it comes
to violent and disturbing rituals, the Mayans are one of history’s most infamous cultures.
This tribe was especially fearsome because their religious beliefs centered around pleasing
the gods through numerous human and animal sacrifices. The Mayans feared that if they
did not perform these sacrifices, then the gods would punish them and the world would
plunge into chaos. To them, slaughtering others was a way to prevent the end of the world. Victims were painted blue, a color which represented
sacrifice. Then they were marched up a large temple that was covered with animal and human
remains, every step slickened with blood. At the top of the temple, a priest would be
waiting for them with a knife carved from stone. One-by-one, the victims would be held
down on a stone slab that was designed to push their chest upwards for easy access.
The priest would make a deep incision under the left breast and rip into the wound with
his bare hands. The pain must have been unbearable as the priest’s hands searched inside the
chest body and grabbed the heart, which was pulled out while the victim is still alive
and screaming. Afterwards, the body was usually thrown down the steps where it would be skinned
by the priest’s assistants. The priest would wear the skin and perform a ritual dance that
symbolized reincarnation. If the sacrifice was a brave warrior or someone else of importance,
then the body would be cannibalized so that groups of people can obtain its power. The
hands and feet were worn by the priest as a trophy. Other variations included shooting the sacrificial
victim with arrows, throwing them down bottomless pits, and burying them alive. 3. “The Flaming Amazon”: The Aztecs were
another tribe heavily into gory sacrifices. Rabbits, dogs, insects, flowers, and even
inanimate resources such as rubber and paper were all destroyed to keep various gods from
becoming too upset. According to the Aztec legend, the gods sacrificed themselves so
that mankind could prevail, and now they expected sacrifices in return – lots of sacrifices.
In fact, the Aztecs believed that every 52 years the world would end unless enough human
sacrifices were made, so there was no time to waste. Like the Mayans, the Aztecs liked to remove
the hearts from their victims. Priests used a knife to cut out the heart instead of using
their bare hands, which made it slightly less barbaric, but still incredibly painful. One
god in particular, however, demanded extra suffering from his victims. In order to appease
their god of fire, the Aztecs would set a group of victims ablaze and wait patiently
as they slowly screamed and cooked. Before they died, the victims were removed from the
fire at the last second and carried up to the temple. At the top of the temple, their
hearts were cut out. It was important for the victims to be alive the entire time or
else the sacrifice would not work. If the Aztecs did not do this, they were certain
that their civilization would be burned down by the vengeful fire god. 2. “Mayan Ballgames”: If the Mayans really
didn’t like you, they would literally make a game out of your death. The Mayans played
a brutal recreational sport to pass the time that was like a mix between basketball and
soccer. You were allowed to use your feet, hips, elbows, and any other part of your body
besides your hands to knock the ball around a field. Points were scored by knocking the
ball through a stone hoop that resembled a basketball net turned sideways. If you figured
that the victims were forced to play against the Mayans to the death, that’s a good guess,
but you are absolutely wrong. The Mayans would never share their sport with a team of lowly
sacrifice victims. That would be a disgrace to their culture and a giant waste of time.
They would, however, use them as sports equipment to kick to death on the field. Like all sacrifices,
the victims were first painted blue. Then their arms, legs and neck were very tightly
tied together. They were now a living, breathing human ball. 1. “Child Sacrifices”: The Aztecs take
number one for their grisly child murder rituals. The Aztec god of water and rain was a very
temperamental deity who constantly threatened to dry up crops and spread disease. Since
this god controlled their water supply, this was a very important god, and the Aztecs wanted
to please him the most. They reasoned the easiest way to do this would be to offer high
value sacrifices – in this case, children. More specifically, their tears. The children were sacrificed in a wide variety
of ways – usually by removing the heart – but first they were made to cry. Their
tears were the purest form of water that the Aztecs had to offer, and children were often
forced to cry their tears over a fire before being murdered. These events were so popular that the Aztecs
split them into two morbid festivals. From February 12th to March 3rd, countless children
were marched to sacred mountaintops to have their hearts pulled out. If any of them cried
on the way, their tears were seen as a good omen for strong rains. From March 24th to April 12th, hordes of children
were marched into dark caves to be sacrificed. Priests would wear the skin of sacrifice victims
for 20 days leading up to the holiday. After the children were sacrificed, the priests
would shed their skin wardrobes and leave them to rot in the caves.

Jean Kelley



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