January 22, 2020
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5 Rituals To Start Your Day | Motivation | LISTEN TO THIS EVERY MORNING!!

As you know so well consistency is the mother
of mastery. It’s not what you do once every year that
is going to allow you to live a legendary life.
It’s what you do every single day. Which brings me to ritual number one.
The ritual of early rising. The way you begin each day sets up the way
you live each day. I mean the Spartan warrior said it so well,
‘’Sweat more in training bleed less in war’’.
And if you want to be literally undefeatable in business,
literally unstoppable in life, you really want to dial in
your morning routine. But show me your schedule and I’ll get a sense
of your true values. I mean your schedule each day
really does predict the rest of your life. So it’s not about what you talk about.
It’s about what you actually schedule and the things that we schedule
are the things that get done. I’m going to repeat that again because it’s
so important. But the things that you schedule are the things
that get done. And so what I do is this is the ritual of
strategic time blocking. I block out times at the office with my team.
I block out times in creative work. I actually block that out.
I block out times for beautiful family dinners with my loved ones.
I block out my two massages every week.
I call this by two massage protocol. It’s really a great source of
staying on the top of my game and having tons of energy.
I block out my 5 a.m. routines,
and literally after this process it takes me about 45 minutes to do.
like I say every Sunday morning. I have blocked out
my highest priorities and so now I have a visual template
a visual map for a world class week.
So the second ritual that will predict your success
is the ritual of strategic time blocking. Why?
Because the things that get scheduled are the things that get done
and vague goals lead to vague results.
It is so rare in business and in society right now
to see people that consistently go the extra mile. You’re in a restaurant.
The server generally gives you what you expect or less than what you expect.
You go into a clothing store. It’s what you expect
or less than what you expect. You do business with any organization.
It’s generally delivering on what you expect, but more often even less.
So you have a gorgeous opportunity to lead the field in everything that you do.
By doing one thing: practicing every single day
because it’s a muscle. The ritual of over delivering.
Don’t just give your customers what they expect, give them
10x more than what they expect . Don’t just give your organization
what your manager what your boss
what the organization is expecting from you. Show something that is so rare in today’s
economy initiative, initiative.
The 60 Minutes student. No matter how busy you are no matter what’s
on your plate you absolutely must.
If you want to be legendary in your marketplace you absolutely have to do this.
Schedule 60 minutes a day for your learning.
And I’m suggesting to you ,you think like a student .
Because you’re watching this mastery session Because something deep within you
wants you to be the master of your game. And here’s the thing about every master,
every master thinks like a beginner. They’re always learning.
Well it’s very easy to be busy being busy.
But let me ask you What’s the point of being really busy in your
work life or your personal life. If you’re busy around the wrong things?
I mean it makes no sense to spend the best hours of your finest days
climbing these mountains only to realize on the last hour of your last day
you climbed the wrong ones. And so
what is the antidote to busyness and being reactive?
It’s a reflection. And I’m simply suggesting to you that the
fifth ritual that will absolutely predict your success
is how much time you spend in silence,
solitude and stillness.
Just thinking. Thinking about how you’re living,
thinking about how you’re working, thinking about
whether your daily behavior is aligned with your deepest values,
thinking and reflecting about what you want your legacy to be,
thinking and reflecting about what’s your impact
t through the work you’re doing. Ideation without execution is nothing more
than delusion. And so you want to take at least one of the
five rituals and absolutely find the time
to practice it today because when you do that
it’s the beginning of a whole new way of working, a whole new way of living
and a whole new way of impacting the world that we live in
and our world has never needed heroes the way that we need heroes right now.

Jean Kelley



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