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Hi Everyone How are you all Today I will be speaking about 5 Manifesting Rituals By doing these rituals you can fulfil your wishes very easily These rituals are called as white magic because I personally don’t believe in black magic Let me show you procedure of 1st Ritual You will require A Blank paper 1 Blue pen 1 Match box and 1 Candle You need to write your wish on blank paper with blue colour ball pen You can see how I have written my wish on blank paper I have written I need a beautiful car When you write your wish you shouldn’t discuss with anyone Now take a candle and light it Now burn that paper in which you have written your wish For your safety kindly burn it into any vessel Burn the entire paper until it turn into ashes and then you can throw ashes outside in air or dustbin Turn off the candle This was 1st Ritual, now I will tell you about 2nd Ritual You all maybe knowing about this leaf Which is known as Bay Leaf in English and in Hindi it is known as Tej Patta You can see both sides of the Leaf – Dark and Light shade Now I will tell you about the procedure You will require – A Bay Leaf 1 pen 1 candle 1 matchbox I will take Bay Leaf and I will write my wish on it with blue colour pen Now you all can see how I have written my wish on Bay Leaf I have written that I want a Bungalow Keep this thing in mind Never share your wish to anyone until it gets fulfilled Now I will burn this Bay Leaf You can see how I am burning it with candle You can burn it in any vessel for your safety Burn it completely and turn off candle.You can either throw ashes outside in air or in dustbin This Ritual is known as BAY LEAF RITUAL You can either keep this wish written Bay Leaf in your Purse or wallet or You can burn it Both the methods are effective Now will tell you about 3rd Ritual You need to take 12 grapes You can see 12 grapes in my both palms At Midnight You need to tel your 1st wish and eat the 1st grapes within a minute Showing you procedure.Now I am saying my one wish Now after saying my wish I will eat one grape Like this you need to tell your 12 wishes in 12 minutes and eat grapes with every new wish You can see within a year .You can see how your 12 wishes gets fulfil very easily . Best time is full moon day or New year day Now i will tell you about 4th Ritual You have to take glass filled with water Before going to bed Think about your wishes while rubbing your hands to each other to generate positive energy Pick up your glass and hold between two hands for positive energy to flow through glass of water Water can read your wish through your positive energy from hand Or you can Take a blank paper and write your wish with blue colour pen Keep that wish written paper under the glass of water to absorb your wish and your other hand over the glass of water Keep thinking about your wish in mind or you can say your wish Now I will drink entire glass of water Caution – If you do anything related with fire be safe Do this ritual when your in presence of your mind Strict warning to small children avoid fire rituals .Take help of elders to perform anything related with fire ritual Whatever ritual you perform please do with safety If your burning anything do take help of any vessel for burning Now I will tell you about 5th Ritual You will require A Blank white paper You need to draw lucky Rune ,which is known as “LUCK SYMBOL” Draw a straight line on that white paper Make a small line over straight line as explained/directed in video Make another line opposite to small line litter bigger than small line as explained//directed in video Draw a half circular figure on the straight line as explained/directed in video Make V figure above circular figure on the same straight line as explained /directed in video Now i will draw small line over the V figure on the same straight line Now i will put three zeros as directed /explained in the video.Two zeroes on the both sides of parallel line opposite to smaller line One zero on the end of straight line Do as directed/explained in the video for best results You need to daily look at this lucky rune symbol and think or speak about your wish.You can do it as many times you can Best time is before sleep and after you wake up in the morning Keep this lucky rune always with you or in your purse/wallet will also do and see how luck favours you I have explained you about 5 manifesting rituals in this video which will help you to manifest your wishes quickly If you have any query related to these rituals you can ask me in comment box Soon will be back with more such videos Till then take care .Bye

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