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12 Historic Prayer Instances of Imams That Defined The Direction Of Islam Forever

We tend to
miss our prayers let me start from Prophet Mohammad (SAWW) He is on Meraj, one of the most holiest
travels for the Prophet. He is going to Meraj and he tells Jibraeel. Oh Jibraeel
what is the shining light and he says this is Masjid-e KUFA. He says I
will pause Meraj and I will recite two rakat Namaz. That’s Prophet Mohammad Now let’s go to his daughter
Fatima tuz Zahra سلام اللہ علیہا Her ribs are damaged, she is bleeding she
cannot move her right hand but she says I will finish my prayer on time.
Imam Ali has been struck by a sword which was these different narrations
they say some say three months it was kept in poison, some say six so we’ll
just say it was a poisonous sword and he was struck so hard that his head toward
into two but he closed the wound himself and the first thing he did was he said
Ya Hassan, you lead the prayer, finished the prayer first then come back to me
then take care of me. Yes you guys see the importance of prayer. Imam Hassan
Mujtaba has been poisoned Imam has been poisoned blood is coming
out of his mouth, blood is on his chest, blood is on his beard but he tells his
family, it’s time to pray I am going to finish my prayer on time. Aba Abdullah Al-Hussain are saying is on the battlefield of Karbala. You can hear the swords, you can hear the spears falling but Imam sends his messenger to the opposing forces he
sends his message he says we will pause we will pause this battlefield. We are
going to pause it and we are going to pray. Yes you see the importance of
prayer? Imam Zayn al-Abidin (as) the chain he was
put on every time he bowed or he sits down, it would hurt his neck but he never
left the prayers. Imam Muhammad Baqir(a.s) that is only five years old Imams neck is tied so hard with a rope
that he can barely breathe but he finishes every prayer on time. Imam
Jafar as-Sadiq it’s his last time, it’s his last time he’s writing his
wills and he is bleeding out of his mouth but when it’s time for prayer, he says
I want to pray on time. our 7th Imam Imam Musa al-Kazim Babul Hawaij his prison is either 50
feet or hundred feet below ground and the prison was constructed in such a way
that every time he got up from Ruku or sujood it would damage his body, but he
never left the prayer. Our 8th Imam is traveling in the mountains and the
whether is so bad he cannot stand straight but when it when it’s time to
pray he prays on time. Imam Mohammed Naqi.
It’s his last time to go. He’s on his last breath but it’s time to pray and he says
ALLAH HO AKBAR. Imam Muhammad Taqi Jawad is the same way Imam Hasan al-Askari (as)
asked his house has been surrounded by the enemies and Imam knows he will and
he might get caught but Imam says cause everything stopped
everything it’s time to pray. Imam Mahdi (ajtf) Wherever he is wherever he might be we
all know we all have this belief that he always does his namaz on time brothers
and sisters. So you see the importance of Salat.

Jean Kelley



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