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Hello Friends, my name is Ruth I am Sunny & it is Choque Cultural Friends in this video, I will talk about the Cultural shocks that i had in Peru There are many shocking things for me as Ruth had in India And these Cultural shocks are many but in this video I will talk about 10 cultural shocks and Ruth will be explaining and giving me information about it She will tell why the things are different here So, lets start.. The 1st cultural shock is that they eat so much I dont know where this all food goes? but they eat too much When we go out she always wants to eat Sometimes it happens that we eat lunch and leave I feel full but she for being Peruvian She says lets eat papa rellena and I say what? we just ate at home So she always wants to eat sometimes emoliente, corn with chess etc And whenever we pass by Tambo she wants to eat empanada That is why there are many restaurants, tambos and other food stalls Yes friends we Peruvians eat a lot because we have a wide range of food and a variety of dishes It is unavoidable, In India I lost weight Because in India i could not eat like this in the street and if you eat in street everything is vegetarian so you don’t gain weight But here you can eat many fries things, burgers, papa rellena, bombitas etc The 2nd cultural shock that i had here are mannequins Because their back part seems to be defective, When i initially went to the market i thought what is this? And i asked Ruth why it is like this? He is referring to the mannequins which has big bottom It is like this, he always asked me why these mannequins are like this These mannequins have big booty I thought they were like this due to Sun But she told me that it is not burnt but it is like this They use these mannequins to give expectations that Jean will fit like this but reality is different Really it was a cultural shock because in India we dont have this kind of Mannequins they use normal mannequins But here it is different they show it differently, they show bottom part more bigger It is something funny for me, Why it is like this? I think you are right, they use these mannequins to show that cloths will fight like this But we all women have different type of body so it doesn’t fit same to all When Sunny asked about this it made me laugh a lot It was never strange for me because I always see it like this But he asked me why this mannequin is different I did not notice it different because in Peru it is like this I don’t know about other Latin country So for him, it was different, because mannequins are different in India they are thin and normal But here they are with big booty and thin legs so it looks weird to him And other thing that i noticed in Car wash and mechanic shop that they use almost nude women’s posters When I was new here i asked Ruth why do they use posters like this I thought there were women in bikini washing the cars But when day I saw a fat man washing the cars so i said this is just a trap to attract customers The 3rd cultural shock is that here I have seen many women working in the street and in petrol pump But in India, i have never seen something like this Here i see many women working in the street more than men It is shocking for me because In India i did not see it Yes friends it was also a cultural shock for me in India because in Peru many women work But in India, more men work in the street, it is difficult to see a young women working In India men work mainly in the streets like selling cloths, food etc It is very difficult to see a woman working It is not that Indian women dont work or they only take care of their husbands and kids Yes the majority of women take care of the house But there are women who work but not like here in the street The women work in her own business or she is a professional she works in a company or for the government The next cultural shock is that the youngers talks openly about sexuality with elders It was very shocking for me because never in my life I have talked about s3x with my uncles or parents Even you can’t mention private parts in front elders But here you can talk about it with elders Here it is very normal even kids talk about it with parents and parents also talk about this subject with kids It is a way to teach them about the sexuality and it is good that they know about it Obviously not everything in details, but kids should know about the sexuality So it seems good to me Other cultural shock is that here i see many youngers working and studying that i have not seen in India Here i see students working part time, full time but in India i don’t see it Here students have more pressure of work and studies, it is complicated leaving institute and going to work is difficult, when can they take rest Sunny told me that there is no part time working in India like we have of 4 hours India is very big, if it exists in other states i don’t know but in north India i have not seen it I have never seen a friend working and studying The problem is that here parents don’t save money for their children’s studies Sunny told me that in India parents save money for their children for their studies But here parents don’t do that so youngers have to work because there is no support I have seen it and my parents also did it Yes friends there is fix deposits in India, you can save money there and can take it out when your child is 18 years So children can study, Indian are good money savers The next cultural shock is strange because there are songs about it, it is not willing to marry There are many latin songs that speak of single life, not having and responsibility But in India it is totally different because there are songs of willing to marry, where a girl says make me your wife In India, there are many songs that talk about marriage But here is all opposite, it is very surprising for me as they have told me a couple here don’t want to marry I don’t know what is the problem, for me marriage is very good thing i respect it But here they don’t want to marry, i don’t judge them it is their way of living i am not here to judge them but it is shocking for me Why they do not want to marry? I think most of the men and women also fear of any compromise that it may result bad Many of the marriages here finish due to infidelity and they don’t want to pass through the same So they want to live without compromises and as Sunny said there are many songs that speak of it There are songs that i want to live freely with explaining anything to anybody We always listen to these sings from young age that i don’t want to marry Even i was that kind of girl, i didn’t want to marry I never thought of marriage but it chose me I think it is something cultural as you can also see it in the songs As Sunny said in India songs they talk about marriage but here they talk that I want to live without marriage So this is the cultural thing The next cultural shock, i have never seen in India my sister, mother or aunt leaving the bathroom only with a towel In India, they take put on their clothes in bathroom and leave with the clothes they carry towel only on their head But here yes, One incident happened i was passing through the kitchen and behind there is a bathroom, one day my mother-in-law left the bathroom with towel, What a shame She left the bathroom and i saw here and i turned my face It makes me feel ashamed because it is not normal for me seeing like this a woman And if it is family, my mother-in-law who is like my mother I can’t imagine my mother only with towel What they do there is take all your clothes to the bathroom and put on the clothes and leave So in India, i did it like this I told him that in Peru it is different you will see my mother or my cousins leaving bathroom like this because it is common there But he said how can i see it i will turn my face and it happened And when we go to the beach and her mother puts in bikini She does wear a bikini very short She wears a one piece bikini But i still feel the uncomfortable I Imagine one day when my father comes to Peru he will die of shame seeing like this my mother-in-law Because it is very big cultural shock But things are like that in other culture I think he is like this because he raised in a village If he were from city, it will not be shocking for him Well, i dont know but even a boy of city will feel uncomfortable seeing his mother in bikini Because in India, it doesn’t happen Seeing your mother in Bikini is very strange in India When Indian women go to the beach mostly they wear short till knees It doesn’t matter they are from city or village An Indian feels very shame Other shocking thing is that they call me with my name They can me call me with my name there is no problem But children, her siblings they also call me with my name One day when we were at distance when she came to Peru We were on video call and i was with my family and her younger sister call me by my name and my family got shocked that how can she call him by name Because i have a cousin of same age and she doesn’t call me by my name Whenever she says Sunny her mother slaps him and says call him Sunny bhai because he is older than you Because call an elder by his name is not good in India What Sunny wants to say is that youngers don’t call elders by their name I am elder in his house so his sister call me Ruth Bhabi not Ruth All the youngers in his Indian family call me Ruth bhabi Any elder can call me by my name but i can’t call them by their name So it was shocking for him and it will be shocking for his parents when they come to Peru someday In India it is bad behavior Once a girl asked me that the friends of her boyfriend call him Sir So she asked me if he was married But no, it is not like this, it is for respect Many friends of Sunny call him sir, for me it is strange If my friend call me mam it will be very strange I talked with two of his friends and said why dont you call him with his name if you are of same age One of his friend is older than him but he calls him Sir because in one time they were teacher and student So there is very much respect so they why they called him Sir Although we have 6 years of friendship he always call me Sunny Sir Other shocking thing is eating on table because in Indian culture we eat sitting on the floor in this posture But here all eats on the table It was shocking although i knew about it because in India also some families eat like this But if we talk about culture, it is eating on floor Yes friends, many of you would have seen children eating on the floor You would have thought that they all are poor It has nothing to do with money it is something cultural According to Ayurveda is it good eating in this position as it helps in digestion So it is not necessary that they are poor, it is part of culture Also in the marriages it is not like here that they put the table, they eat in standing position So it is something cultural When i went to India i did not see table and i wondered where do they eat I did not say him this but i only thought because i was not aware about it Slowly slowly i understood these cultural things so we used to eat on bed and on the floor in a circle They also dont eat together, everybody eats in different time When we would eat together we would sit on the floor and eat So don’t think that they are poor, it is something cultural Because i have seen that even if you have money but they eat on the floor And in south India also they eat like this I met a family that had a big house but they sit on the floor and eat So it has nothing to do with the money it is something cultural and very ancient Other shocking thing is the sale of the meat Here you will find meat hanging in the market but in India it is not like this In India, you go the meat shop and they kill the chicken and give you But here it is all ready, why do they sell like this? I think it is because they want to show that here meat is available It is very normal here because in Latin America we eat lot of meat so for us it is not shocking But in India, many people are vegetarian so they dont sell meat like this In India, i did not see sale of meat like this Friends the next cultural shock i just lived recently In India, your skin doesn’t come out like in Peru, although it makes lot of hot But it never makes you peel like this, i think because in India you sweat a lot and your skin is wet so you dont peel I did not believe her when she told me about it But one day we went to the Perulandia and i saw a man his shoulder was peeling And it happened to me as well on the face My sister saw me on video call and she got shocked and said what is happening with you She said it looks like burnt with fire But i told her that it is Sun that brunt me I think it is not Sun that burns you because i never peeled before It happened because we were 4 hours in the sea and the water of sea made is peel It was horrible because our lips also got cracked and it was very scary So i think that it was because of sea So friends that is all i hope you like this video If you like it give it like and leave your comments Friends few days are left for the lucky draw so if you have not subscribed the channel SUBSCRIBE IT And leave your comment so that you can participate in the draw These are the 2 conditions there is a set of 6 jewelry You can find the link of video in the description So that is all take care and bye bye

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