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10 Bizarre Animal Mating Rituals

Sex. We all do it, but you’ll be amazed
at how many different ways there are to actually get the job done, and the animal kingdom is
the master of coming up with elaborate and inventive ways. From fish that change gender,
to exploding testicles, we count 10 bizarre animal mating rituals. 10. Honey Bee
Bees reproduce in a truly amazing way, although I don’t think it’s anything we should
be jealous of. To put the story short, a virgin queen bee is fed a royal jelly by the worker
bees to induce her to become sexually active. Once this has been achieved, the Queen bee
will begin her mating ritual with about 10-12 male drones out of thousands of candidates.
Seems like they’re lucky up to this point. However, it all goes quickly downhill from
there, as during mating the male’s genitals explode and their penises snap off inside
the queen to plug her up so other drones don’t’ fertilize the Queen. Did I forget to mention
the males die in this process too? 9. Flatworm
Flatworms treat sex a bit more like war than love. Flatworms, like all sea slugs, are hermaphrodites,
meaning they sport both a male and a female reproductive organ. The male organ is actually
two dagger-like penises that they also use to hunt aside from mating. During mating,
two flatworms have a fight to try to stab each other, while avoiding getting stabbed
themselves. The “loser” who gets stabbed will absorb the sperm through its skin and
then has to leave bear the burden of motherhood. 8. Giraffe
Mating is a rather difficult task for Giraffes due to their incredibly long necks. When a
male giraffe comes across a female, he will perform a test cast called the “Fleshmen
sequence” to see if she’ll be receptive to his advances. First, he nudges her rump
to make her urinate. He then takes a mouthful of said urine, to do a taste test. If the
taste is to his liking, he then begins to court her. And by court, I mean he follows
her around until she gives in and lets him have her.
7. Dolphins Here’s something you probably didn’t know
about Dolphins, they have retractable penises that swivel, and are able to grab things!
This unique talent gives them the ability to use their tools to explore objects, just
like if it were a hand. Dolphins also have a ravenous sexual appetite, and will often
try to hump just about anything they can find, rocks, plants and even sea turtles seem to
get them excited, so it’s no surprise when a pack of males find a female they will often
attempt to force her into mating. 6. Clownfish
Something you didn’t know about Nemo, he can change gender! Clownfish live in groups
where only one male and female can breed, the rest cannot. There’s a very strict hierarchy
based on their size, the largest clownfish is the female, the second largest is a male,
and all the non-breeding fish are all males. If the female dies, the next in line male
will change genders and become the female, and the largest of the non-breeding males
will get a promotion and become the breeding male. 5. Galapagos Turtle
To determine who gets to mate, male Galapagos turtles engage in a strange competition. They
rise on their legs and stretch their necks as far as they can. The shorter tortoise will
give up and leave the female to the larger turtle. The winner then attracts a female
by bellowing and bobbing his head furiously. Once a female arrives, the male rams the female
and nips her legs until she draws them in, which immobilizes her. Once he’s mounted
her, this is what happens next.. 4. Whiptail Lizard
So how do they do it viewers? Do the males fight to the death, or do their penises also
explode like those of the honey bee? Nope. They don’t have sex, ever, because there
aren’t any males. Whiptail lizards only come in a female form, and their reproductive
technique boggles the mind. In order to reproduce, two females will act out the roles of a male
mounting a female. This servers no purpose other than stimulating egg production in both
lizards. When their eggs hatch, they will be all-female clones of the mother lizard.
3. Macaque What if I told you that paying for women was
around long before us humans thought of it? The Macaques will pay in the form of fruits,
for various services such as getting a peek at the rear end of a female, or in some cases
they will pay to look at pictures of dominant “celebrity” high ranking males in their
pack. That’s not all though, male macaque monkeys have no regard for the “Bro code”
and will attack other males during orgasms as that is when they’re at their weakest.
2. Argentine Lake Duck While the Argentine Lake Duck is rather small,
measuring only around 17 inches from head to tail, you’ll be surprised to find out
that its penis is also around 17 inches long. The tip is soft and brush like which the duck
uses to brush away sperm from the female that was deposited by a previous mate. This impressive
tool is said to be as long as it is, so males become more attractive to females, but also
so that the ducks can use their schlongs to “lasso” a female if they try to escape
from it. 1. Anglerfish
Here’s a relationship where the male becomes one with the female, literally. The tiny male
anglerfish are born without any digestive systems, so they have to find a female quickly
before they die. Once a female is found, he bites into her body and releases an enzyme
that digests her skin and then fuses with the female. The male then wastes away turning
into a lump on the female’s body that scientists first believed to be a parasite. When the
female is ready to spawn, the male accessory is there ready to release sperms to fertilize
her eggs.

Jean Kelley



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