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10 aspects of Divine Power | DUS MAHAVIDYA | Hinduism | Indian Mythology

Dasha means 10. Maha means great. Vidya means wisdom. Dasha-Mahavidyas are a group of ten aspects
of eternal Superpower in Hinduism. Each Mahavidya is a form of the Divine Mother
from horrific goddess to the most beautiful and peaceful goddess. Sakta Hindu and Buddhist goddesses were combined
to form this list of ten Mahavidyas. Dasha Mahavidyas are worshipped to seek all
sorts of powers. Like creation, motion, potential, expansion,
control, birth, death, progression, salvation etc. Kali is the most important of the ten Mahavidyas. She is the ultimate form of Brahman, “Devourer
of Time”. Shakta Hindu and Tantric sects additionally
worship her as the ultimate reality or Brahman. She is also seen as a divine protector and
the one who gives moksha, or liberation. She is often regarded as the Shakti of Shiva
and is closely associated with him in various Puranas. Tara – The blue Goddess who is a Guide and
Protector, or Who Saves. She also offers the ultimate knowledge which
gives salvation that is why she is also known as Neel Saraswati. Goddess Shodashi, Shodashi, is also known as Tripura
Sundari. The Goddess Who
is “Beautiful in the Three Worlds” (Supreme Deity of Srikula systems) Tripura Sundari is represented
as a sixteen-year-old girl. She is also known
as the the goddess of wealth and beauty. She is believed to embody sixteen types of
desires. She is also known as Tantric Parvati or ‘Moksha Mukta’ Bhuvaneshvari –The Goddess is the World
Mother, or Whose Body is the Cosmos. She is the ruler of the universe and source
of creation. Bhairavi – The Fierce Goddess. She is the fearsome aspect of the Devine power
who also represents kundalini energy. Chhinnamasta – the goddess who decapitated
herself and who represents transformation. Dhumavati – The Widow Goddess, or the Goddess
of death. Bagalamukhi – The Goddess Who Paralyzes
Enemies Matangi – the Prime Minister of Lalita (in
Srikula systems); the “Tantric form of Saraswati”. Kamala – The Lotus Goddess; the “Tantric
form of Lakshmi”the goddess of wealth and abundance.

Jean Kelley



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