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لماذا تركت الإسلام – الحلقة الأولى 1 – فشل قصة الخلق

The reasons to leave a religion are different from the reasons to become an atheist For example if a religion had scientific errors Or illogical things or moral issues That could be good reasons to leave that religion But it’s not good reasons nor is it enough To not believe that there is a God or Gods So leaving religion is one thing, and becoming an Atheist is a whole other thing in this series, I will be only talking about why I left my ex religion, Islam. I will take you step by step on everything I went through which led me to take that decision Since I was a kid and until the age of 20 the age at which I realized that Islam is a 100% manmade religion Who is Allah?… an unusual question but luckily I was born with a family that wasn’t very strict minded which allowed me to ask a lot of questions to which was no answers from people around me My first question was “Who is Allah?” and “Where did he come from?” And I kept asking those questions until people started telling me that I’m committing blasphemy And the Prophet Muhammad himself warned us from asking that question (Hadith shared) Muhammad said “Once you find yourself asking who created God Know that Satan (The devil) is tricking you” So the first question that I asked as a kid… who is Satan? And how does he have this ability to trick me like that? It’s clear (I thought) that I don’t know much about this topic And I need to study this and learn about it more than my own family know and the average people in the street So I joined a Quranic circle to learn about this And after years I reached the following answer In the beginning, there was only Allah and he had nothing with him First, he created Water then he created his throne on that water Then he created The Pen and the Holy Tablet And told The Pen to write everything past, present and future So everything that (Was, Is and Will be) was written before the creation Then he created the Heavens and the Earths in 6 days Then he created the Gen and Angels to serve him *Reciting verses about what I just mentioned* Then he created Adam and told the angels to bow down to Adam And they, of course, did expect for Eblis (Satan) He refused to bow down to Adam As a punishment, God kick Satan out of the heavens And put Adam in paradise but Adam felt lonely on his own So God made him Eve and the whole Paradise was theirs Except for this one special tree that was forbidden for them And God warned them from Satan tricking them from eating from it And that’s exactly what happened… Satan tricked them into doing it, and God was very angry with this And he dropped Adam and Eve down to earth After that Adam and Eve had two boys Cane and Able And then God left people for many years without religions, until they started making problems So he decided to send Moses with Judaism, but people twisted that religion So he sent Esa (Jesus) with a 2nd religion Christianity but they also twisted it… So God said “That’s it!” time to send a religion that cannot be twisted A religion that even the mountains cannot hold And he chose Muhammad for that job and gave us Islam And this is the Islamic version to how the universe was made and how humans were made, until now And I blindly followed that story without thinking about it Until one day at religion class, I asked the teacher… “Do non-Muslims go to heaven?” She answered “No, only Muslim will go to heaven” *Reciting the verse that says only Muslims will go to heaven* “Even the good people who aren’t Muslims?” I asked “Yes” she said “Only Muslims will go to heaven and non-Muslims will go to hell regardless of whether they are good or bad people” I couldn’t help but feel something was wrong… Why would Allah burn most people in hell and only let a small number be saved!? even the good ones will also burn if they aren’t Muslims… At that time I knew my teacher must be wrong about this this cannot be the case So I started to try and solve this little mistake, my teacher, clearly made Just to heal this burning doubt that started in my heart because that was the first time I doubted my religion It was a very damaging feeling for me, and I couldn’t stop thinking about it But my attempt to solve this little issue ended up with me finding many more issues than that little one… Issues that I will be sharing all of them with you in this series But after years of reading and thinking and asking and searching I found myself forced into rejecting this silly story… The same story that was once the ultimate truth to me at the age of 20, I reached the conclusion that based on the sources we have today, Muhamad wasn’t a prophet from God and the Quran wasn’t written by the creator of the universe and Islam is a manmade religion, no doubt about it but in this episode, I will be only sharing the issues I found in the story of creation after I started using critical thinking Let’s start with the first issue… What was Allah doing before creating the universe? And why did he decide to create the universe and create people to be terrified of him and to worship him at the same time? And where did he come from? Did he just come by chance? or from nothing? that doesn’t make any sense 2nd issue where did the water, the pen, the tablet and the throne come from? in order to have water, we need space and time so how did Allah have water without space and time? and the throne and pen and tablets are things that people randomly made based on their needs 14 billion years after the universe began to exist and why would he make a throne? to sit on it? does Allah get tired? they say “No, Allah doesn’t get tired” but he made the throne to show off his power but … to whom!? to us humans? we never saw that throne to see that “power” to who then? the angels? angels do not have free will, and they blindly follow him so he doesn’t have anything to prove to them And why does he need a Pen and a Tablet does Allah write things down because he might forget them? They say “No Allah doesn’t forget but he chose to write things down to hold people and angel up to those words” which brings up to the 3rd issue, why does he need Angels to move things around and do things for him? He’s Allah! he can do anything he wants easily he doesn’t need angels, and why did he make them terrified of him and have no free will, and at the same time he forced him to pray for him in the “Bayt el Mamor” a Kabba-like house up in the sky even though they don’t have free will it’s as if a programmer made a PC game when the characters are programmed to be afraid of him when he turns off the PC and they also have to praise him and worship him when he starts the game what kind of a sick person would do that? God cannot be this narcissistic the 4th issue where are those 7 skies and 7 earths? historically they thought it was actual skies above us and actual earths beneath us and when we found out that we are a part of a solar system that is also a part of a galaxy bigger than that solar system how come we didn’t find those skies and earths? So now they say that “No those skies are things that do not exist in our reality they are metaphysical skies and earths” the 5th issue… Why did it take God 6 days to create the universe? he didn’t he do it in one sec? they say “To show people how important the universe is” but there were no people to see that happening… the Quran says “reciting the verse that says Allah never allowed anyone to see the creation of the universe” So Allah could have created the whole universe in one sec and still told people that it is very important without having to spend 6 days on it, because he is God who is wholly perfect which means, adding time value to his work shouldn’t make that work any better in other words, if God created the universe in 6 days or in only one sec, it will still be the work of a wholly perfect God and therefore it will be perfect both ways So adding time value to his work should not result in better work. So obviously whoever wrote those verse had no understanding of basic logic the 6th issue… if Allah made the paradise especially for Adam and Eve and humans in general why would he keep that special tree in it if it’s forbidden why would he put it there and not in some other place? what’s even weirder, if he kicked Satan out of the paradise, how did Satan then get back there to trick Adam and Eve? how did that happen? apparently, God cares about weird things he can’t protect and has no control over his creation the 7th issue… after Adam and Even went down to earth and had Cane and Able two boys… how did they then multiple? the only way is to say they married their own sister which is weird, because Allah himself says that marrying one’s siblings is utterly forbidden so how did God let that happen? and even if we agreed on this contradiction that cannot be avoided how did the human race go on after Adam and Eve? the race cannot carry on out of only one couple this is scientifically impossible we have to count the ratio of boys and girls who are a result of siblings sex which will lead to many genetical illnesses to which they have no way cures so it’s impossible for the race to expand out of those two only today we have animals who have a population of 20-60k and they are still considered to be endangered because even those big numbers aren’t enough for one race to go on so how can only a couple of one race carry on to be 7.7 billion people without any serious issues, that simply cannot happen the 8th issue… even if we still buy into this and we said Cane and Able had no problem carrying on the human race those humans who lived for so long after them without religions those people who kept on creating endless Gods false Gods… and Allah is just sitting up there watching them do so how is it their fault? and will they go to hell? they say “We don’t know God knows what will happen to them” AKA we have no answer… this is one of those big issues that Abrahamic religions cannot answer so they use the magical word “Allah knows” the 9th issue… after all that time Allah said “Enough” time to tell those people what I really want and how to live so he sends them Moses, with the commandments that are from God himself but humans somehow twisted it I have no idea how humans can do that to God’s work and the only solution to that issue is that he has to send a 2nd religion with another prophet, with different rules so people who are convinced for good reasons with the first religion now they have to leave it and converted to another religion for other reasons! why would he want to confuse things like that? sadly humans managed to twist the 2nd religion as well so the only wise decision now is to send down the 3rd religion with whole different rules from the 1st and 2nd religions the religions that people already believe in and follow and they have enough reasons to believe they are on the true path so now we have 3 religions that are different from each other and everyone thinks they are on the right patch and the others are wrong why would he confuse things so much between right and wrong…? and what about the kids who are randomly born into those religions? and they are told that they are the right ones and the rest are false and they will go to hell for not following the right path… how is that their fault? this doesn’t sound like a wise God to me the 10th and last issue… the biggest one… the unclear crisis in this story! which goes all the way back to that Pen and Tablet you see, Allah doesn’t only know the past present and future he also planned and decided the past present and the future and when he told the Pen to write down everything from the beginning till the end That Pen wrote things based on Allah’s knowledge and will and since he’s “All-wise” this plan, is by default the best plan there can be no plan better than this So Allah knows everything because he also decided everything So he knew he would create the universe and create Adam and he knew he will tell the angels to bow down to Adam and Eblis (Satan) will refuse to bow down to Adam and Adam and Eve will go down to earth and will have two boys and those two boys will have to marry their own sisters the same thing that is forbidden by the same God and he knew people will live for a long time without religions after that and they will make up false Gods to explain things around them and he knew people will twist the religions he sent down the first religion and the 2nd religion and the 3rd religion won’t be enough to stop people from fighting on the contrary, those religions will end up slaughtering each other for hundreds of years, not only between each other but also within each other and what did Allah say about all that confusion and killing and death in the Quran? *If Allah didn’t want them to fight they wouldn’t, but Allah does what he wants” he knew about all those things because he wanted all those things he sat things up to be this way and this is the only way he allowed things to be it’s very clear… No one had any say in the matter It’s all Allah’s fault he’s the one who created everything decided everything and just sitting down watching it’s not Satan’s fault for not bowing down to Adam God knew that will happen because he wanted that to happen and it’s not Adam and Eve’s fault for eating from that Tree because God also knew and wanted that to happen and it’s not Satan’s work that he tricked Adam and Eve because again God knew and wanted that to happen it’s all in God’s hands he knows everything and planned everything and is letting things go as he wants the first step for me to leave Islam was realizing that this story, which I once thought was the ultimate truth It is just a joke… it’s not good enough to even be a story and not surprised my family and others around me still believed it because turns out just like me they were born into this story and believed it without any thinking whatsoever just copy and paste it sounds like a story written by a lazy writer who is writing a children’s episode and didn’t care much about the details because he knew only kids will watch it or maybe a story that is written by ignorant people who lived 1500 years ago and had no real understanding of reality or the world around them and were raised on myths by people who are even more ignorant than them but they had a big imagination and I know many people will write the following comment that we keep hearing them getting repeated mindlessly “Allah’s knowledge of something doesn’t change those things” or the broken example of the “Teacher and the student” which falses on so many levels, the teacher didn’t create the student or anything else and didn’t decide anything lemme help you out my friends who like to comment on this issue it’s very simple, it’s 1 out of 2 either God knows everything because he wrote things down and decided everything or things were written down outside of God’s knowledge and will which means it’s written by some other entity higher than your God it’s 1 out of those 2, there’s no 3rd option… a quick reminder do not share this video (if you live in an Islamic country) because it might have a negative impact on your social life you can Like or comment with a fake name but be careful with sharing one more reminder before I go Love with your heart, but think with your brain. Peace!

Jean Kelley



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  2. Nour Wolf-Chawich Posted on March 16, 2020 at 7:51 pm

    حلقة مميزة
    اسلوب مبسط ويراعي مشاعر ومستوى تفكير المسلمين الحساسين زيادة عن اللزوم
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  3. صدام /SaDaM Posted on March 16, 2020 at 7:52 pm

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  4. علي عيسى Posted on March 16, 2020 at 7:52 pm

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  5. Aymane Elhichami Posted on March 16, 2020 at 7:53 pm

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  7. Michael korlion Posted on March 16, 2020 at 7:55 pm

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    وبتذكر لما قال انا مادخلني بيلي صار حاج تحطو مشاكلكن فيني 😂😂😂😂
    قصي فيديو اكثر من رائع انت رجل مثقف وواعي بدي اتشكرك انك انت وادم المصري كنتو اول ناس خلتني شك وابحث واقرأ مقالات علمية لنيل تايسون وستيفن هوكينغ لحد ماوصلت لقناعة وتركت دين الاسلام وصرت ربوبي بعد ماتابعت تقريبا جميع فيديوهاتك انا عاملك سبسكرايب من وقت ماكان عندك 4k sub
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    سؤالي البسيط جداا لك.. هل أنت تخصصت في دراسة علوم الدين وبعد ذلك تبين لك ما تدعيه من أخطاء أم أنك شخص عامي فقط يتكلم عن أمر لا يعرف قواعده وأصوله؟

    ما رأيك أن يأتي شخص عامي وينتقد علم الطب من دون تخصص؟ لا شك هذا حمق
    وانت يا قصي سلكت طريق الحمق

    أولا قراءتك للايات خاطئة
    ثانيا اعتراضاتك تنم عن عدم علمك فأنت تريد أن تقول للناس بما أني جاهل كيف حصل الخلق بهذه الطريقة فبالتالي فكرة الخلق خاطئة! .. جهلك المركب ليس دليلا على بطلان العلم.. كل ما في الأمر أنك تحتاج أن تدرس وتتعلم ما تجهله لا أن تروّج جهلك للناس على أنه دليل على بطلان الدين.. أسلوب غبي جدا

    تقول العرش موجود لماذا خلق الله العرش! بما أني أجهل السبب فبالتالي لا يوجد سبب منطقي لخلق العرش وبالتالي هذه المعلومة خاطئة! قمة في الجهل في التفكير لو اتبع الناس هذه المنهجية في التفكير لأصبحوا حمير
    هناك أمور موجوده في جسدك لا زال العلم يجهل طريقة عملها وما تحتوية والغاية منها ولم يقل أحد بما أننا نجهل الغاية منها فهي إذا بلا فائدة.. كل ما في الأمر أن العلم الى الان لم يبلغ المعرفة بها..
    انصحك لا تتكلم كثيرا قبل أن تتعلم حتى لا تظهر بمظهر الأحمق الجاهل..

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  15. Muhammad ST Posted on March 16, 2020 at 8:11 pm

    انا قبل ما أترك الدين كان هدفي اني ثبت ايماني وأبعد الشكوك.. لهيك بدأت بالبحث والتعمق بالدين ووصلت لنتيجة أنو الدين مستحيل يكون من عند خالق الكون.. بحال كان في إله ف اكيد هو أرقى بكتير من آلهة الأديان ✅👍🏻

  16. Muhammad ST Posted on March 16, 2020 at 8:12 pm

    ماتقول أنها معجزات.. 🔥
    من الغريب أن نصادفها في عشرات الكُتب التي جائت بمئات وألاف السنين قبل محمد وقبل مايفكر ربك بعمل الدين
    من الغريب أن نجد حديثه عن الجنين حرفياً تحدث عن آرسطو سابقاً , سقراط وأبوقراط أيضاً… كذالك موج البحرين الذي ذكره حرفياً آرسطو
    ومن الغريب أن يطلع كل كلامهم خاطئ علمياً
    ماتراه مُعجز في القرآن أنت ببساطة من إخترت أن تأخذ به كـ مُعجز… ليس العلم وليس التاريخ من اختار إعجازها..
    أما إن رجعت قليلاً في التاريخ ستجد أن كل الديانات والطوائف لديها إعجازات مزعومة … ستجد مثلاً أن جميع حركات دينك التي تؤديها بسعادة , تلك الحركات المميزة التي تظن ربك يشعر بالسعادة حين يراك خاشعاً في أدائها , كالفروض الخمسة اليومية مثلاً , أو غيرها من الأركان الخمسة
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    على فكرة هناك نظرية دينية تقول ان الله انزل حوريات من الجنة تزوجوا من أبناء آدم
    قصي انت تهاجم الأديان الإبراهيمية ولكن ما رأيك بالأديان الأخرى البوذية الكونفوشيوسية الطاوية….
    بالنسبة لك الأديان متناحرة ولكن برأيك ما سبب الحرب العالمية الأولى والثانية والحروب الغير دينية

  18. A 1 Posted on March 16, 2020 at 8:13 pm

    انت إنسان راءع ذكي جدا وكلامك مقنع جدا وبسيط عسى هوءلاء المغيبين الاغبياء يعلموا هذه الحقيقه يوما ما

  19. Muhammad ST Posted on March 16, 2020 at 8:14 pm

    ما هو تشخيص حالة شخص يراقب أرانب تسير في ممرات صنعها هو ثم ينتظر ليرى اي ممر يسلك كل أرنب و الأرنب الذي يسلك الممر الأخضر يحصل على طعام و أرانب من الجنس المغاير بينما الأرنب الذي يسلك الممر الأحمر يقطع رجليه و يعذبه حتى الموت؟

    ما مشكلة ذلك الشخص النفسية؟ ما هي عقدته؟ لماذا يفعل ذلك؟
    بالمناسبة هذا الشخص هو (إله الأديان) 🐸

  20. Abu Tariq Posted on March 16, 2020 at 8:16 pm

    قصي التعليق طويل بس في وجهة نظر الي لكل الامور اللي حكيت فيها، ياريت تحكيلي اذا انسيت اشي.
    رقم ١ : ما بقدر اعتبر الله زي أي كيان اخر مخلوق، ليس كمثله شيء، بجوز يكون الوقت بحد ذاتو والوقت ماكان الو بداية ولا نهاية (من منطقي)
    رقم ٢: الخلق بفترة معينة، الزمن والمكان بالنسبة لله غير عنا، بالنهاية، امره كن فيكون، ممكن ما بين الكاف والنون مليارات السنين تمر، الله ما بعمل الاشياء نفس السحر، ليش؟ مش شغلي.
    رقم٣: ابليس ما سجد لادم لأنو من الجن، الجن عندهم الخيار الحر زي بني ادم ععكس الملائكة، والهدف من الامر للسجود لادم هو ليس تعظيما لآدم، لكن اختبارا لابليس، انا نفسي لو كنت مكان ابليس رح استصعبها اني اسجد لادم، بس طاعة لهالرب رح اسجدلو، وبنيتي السجود لله.
    رقم ٤: كل شيء بلوح محفوظ، لا يعني ان الكون مسير بأمر الله، بالنهاية، في امور خاضعة لأمر الله تماما، وفي امور اتسجلت باللوح المحفوظ من علم الله بالحاضر والماضي والمستقبل.
    رقم ٥: عن قصة ادم وحواء وقابيل وهابيل، ما بعرف شو احتمالية الطفرات الجينية من زواج الأقارب، بس أكيد مش ١٠٠ بالمية…وبالنهاية ربك حافظ ورايد.
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  74. rimas daya Posted on March 16, 2020 at 9:50 pm

    رح احكي بداية تركي للاسلام كانت وانا عم اقرا قرآن ووصلت للاية يلي بتقول على لسان ابراهيم في حواره مع النمرود ان الله يأتي بالشمس من المشرق فإت بها من المغرب '
    وفوقا " فبهت الذي كفر" هون فكرت معقول الله خالق الكون معقول بهالسذاجة بالحجة مثلا بدون اي دليل وردة فعل ملك مثل النمرود /بهت / لايوجد اي حجة ولا سبب ليقتنع بها انسان بسيط كيف ملك مثل النمرود هذه كانت البداية فقط

  75. El-Tycoon Posted on March 16, 2020 at 9:51 pm

    Allah is a “ Big-Gangsta.”

  76. Ynal Stas Posted on March 16, 2020 at 9:51 pm

    احسنت اخي قصي 👍

  77. Chrollo Lucilfer Posted on March 16, 2020 at 9:53 pm

    شكرا قصي لأنك قررت أن تعمل فيديوهات لتنير الآخرين ، هذه خدمة جميلة للبشرية ، كل التوفييق ❤❤

  78. Omar Mahmoudov Posted on March 16, 2020 at 9:54 pm

    كلام ف الصميم!
    مستنيين باقي السلسة دي يا قصي!

    بس هو في إيه هنا؟ 15:37
    (you blurred a part of your left hand)