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قنبله  💥ان ربكم ليس بأعور 😱😳 كيف قارن محمد الدجال بالله؟💥💥Christian Prince v.s Muslima

from me all right Danny do you hear me yes I hear all right too bad we lost to it it close any applications you have so you don’t close your internet all right Danny the verse you gave me chapter 2 verse number 255 it says there that the size of a lot chair is the same size of the earth and the heaven how do you explain that yes this means that this is this is one of that the world is that explained to Muslims and how God stained that in the heaven okay yeah but the size my question about the size you see USA the size of the earth and the heaven that’s mean Allah he ever Allah he ever sized oh no that’s that’s why you Christians think that God should be just look like a man I don’t know no no it’s not us not us who say that your prophet he said that in the hadith your prophet he said that you should know you should know okay you should know your prophecies you should know that Allah is not one-eyed he is do ID and he was comparing him between him and the false messiah the false messiah is short he have a deep eyes he have a curly here etcetera and then he says well Allah if you’re confused about between him and the false messiah that the jerk you should know that Allah is not one I know that the judge is a man or he is God no he is a man actually so how we can compare imagine your name is tahini and I will come you answered yet you call us now let imagine I say if you are confused about how to handle irk like and then I compare you to God and I say well you should know that Allah his eyes he have two eyes when tejani she have a glasses don’t you find that this is a strange I’m comparing a man to God if God is not a man why the Muslim will be confused about this God okay just like in the crib in the Christian belief why do you just look like God is Jesus my god yes you see a guy Jesus is God you said don’t look like a God for us he is God and his look does not make any different for us because if God is God he can come in any look he want I mean are you saying to me that God became a man just like nothing nothing like him and then you understand yes no English okay let’s go – lets go – English – honey please most people they are listening people are listening to speak English only so let us go back to english where did the hell you thought of EXO made no confusion would be no more and now we go back to English okay thank you okay God in Mohammed was like mom I lost with the honey I think something you touch your microphone okay Prophet Muhammad explained this hadith how the gel will look like and he said he’s a man but this man God gave him gave him just like it but he gave Jesus he will came in the Judgment Day okay and he had ability to to kill him a tool to make people alive to heal people just like Jesus but this one has more like the Jesus so to tell the people to worship Him he will came to the earth and tell the people I am God worship me and he will do miracles just more like Jesus did so Prophet Muhammad explained what he look for the Muslims so so when when they saw this man they have to be they have kept in Islam not to follow him no believe in him but this guy honey but this guy he will claim to be the Messiah correct no he is not claiming to be a massage no Lucas is it says Elemis you heard that ja you his name is al maseeh at the job at the false one so he claimed to be the Messiah I know what so why his name why his name is unless you heard the Java MSE heard the German translate to me yes he his name will be unless he had the gel because he pretend that he have the same Merkel’s as the Jesus who pretend to see Jesus to be he pretend to David the Messiah you pretend to be the Messiah okay so thank you yes so now you agree that he is pretended to be the Messiah so now yes why Allah is comparing bit much mohamad comparing between him and allah he should compare between him and the true messiah because the one who would come back remember his Messiah to the true Messiah correct so we have we have two personal we have two person we have a person one person is the true Messiah the other person is the false messiah and both of them will come back so Muhammad if he want to do compare you should compare between the false Messiah and the Messiah and then comparing between their look that will make a make sense but he is not comparing between the true Messiah and the false messiah is comparing between the false messiah and the look of Allah now why we why we compare between the look of Allah and his look because because Prophet Muhammad knows that people know how good did Jesus look like he’s a my friend did you see Jesus yes yes my friend he did not say he did not say Jesus he said your Lord is not one-eyed are you agreeing that Jesus is Lord no he’s talking about you said that right now he is comparing between the poles Messiah and God knows I’m not saying that I’m not saying that I’m saying it to make it accurate Muhammad should compare between the false messiah and the true messiah but your prophet did not do that he compared between the false messiah and what is the difference between Allah hold on what he did the front between Allah and the false messiah according to a hadith listen to me explain what is different to me first what is the tree different between Allah and the false messiah according to his hadith there’s only one different correct it’s the I correct no no no no no no he said he said you should know you should know he did not say the rest are different no you should say you should say he said that you should know that your God Allah is not one ayat so the only difference is the one I no no you say are you saying okay are you saying that your prophet seen into the to you to you that he have a curly here Allah don’t have curly here know that white so why is described to you and all that the the people who listen to me right now this hadith prophet Muhammad he did not compare between true Jesus and false Jesus he compared between the false Jesus and God okay that’s wonderful okay why did Muhammad the Prophet Muhammad say that because he know that people worship Jesus as a God who want the Muslims yes no no Muslims the Christians but Muhammad talking to the Muslims not to the Christians yes but Prophet Muhammad when he explained for us he not explained just for us Muslims eats the blame for all the human being that but that would not make sense my friend because the Christian believed that Jesus God anyway so you said to me that God don’t look like God what does that mean God oh my God my friend should know why’d mama say that what what the hadith me right now yes right huh huh when you are you an Arabic man I can ask you about the what did Muhammad tell what did Muhammad mean why he said that why he compared between the the false Jesus and God right now okay so should be saying should we say that shouldn’t we say why is describing why he is describing the look if Allah is God anyway he don’t look like a man but he is saying you should know that he is he have only one problem in the eye so he doesn’t say he have eyes and your God doesn’t have eyes he have hands and your God doesn’t have hands no he said you should know that that the jail he have a problem with the right eye and your God is two eyes so what we have now we have a man have a problem with the right eye or we have Allah have a no problem with the right ah hi so that’s mean Allah have a left eye and you have a right eye do you agree no no no should know you should know let us say together if you are confused honey if you are confused about him know that your lord is not one-eyed how many eyed Allah have we don’t know actually you have two eyes we don’t know you have two eyes okay no problem so how much saying clearly that the way to recognize that this is not Allah is that this guy he have a problem with the right eye which means that true Allah have no problem with the right I ignore is Allah – eyes is wonderful sorry that’s wonderful so both of us we we reach agreement now that Allah have two eyes and this guy he have one that he have two eyes but the other one he have two eyes but the other one is like is damaged so now we should an agreement that the first one is a man the second one is Allah the first one have a problem with the right eye the second person is Allah who have very fine eyes now all the description is to just to tell me that this guy have a problem with the eye and this is why you should not confuse between him and God lets me analyze man because the rest of him is fine he didn’t say the rest a problem he said only you should know that Allah is happy he’s not having a problem with the right eye so Allah must be a man he is short he is fat he have a curly hair he is a not deep seated eyes this is all description for the false messiah Muhammad he said all of this is no problem but the only problem is you should know that this guy if you are confused this guy you have a problem with the right eye while your Lord Allah he don’t have a problem with the right eye that’s mean both of them they are perfect match both are human both of them they are men but one of them have a problem with the eye the other one who don’t okay where did where did thought moment said that Allah is a month or in Quran or in hadith I you see what is worrying the Quran it says Allah is not a man show me

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