October 22, 2019
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قصة مشجع انجليزي تحول الي الإسلام بسبب محمد صلاح

I wanted to be myself as he lives Political or religious beliefs do not matter That’s what football can do Bird’s article in The Guardian How Mohamed Salah inspired me to become a Muslim Salah is a gift from Allah Last season Chelsea fans were singing “Salah is a bomber” That’s the first time on my social media that I had a right go I was livid because I’m for football banter but you know when things are just not true. Mohamed Salah was the first Muslim I could relate to. It’s the way he lives his life, how he talks to people. The other week he posed for a picture with a Liverpool fan who suffered a broken nose chasing after him. . I know some other footballers would do that but you expect it now from Sala At university I interviewed Egyptian students and when they found out my research was about “Mohamed Salah, a gift from Allah” which is also another Liverpool song – they would talk to me for hours about how great he is and what he’s done for their country One million Egyptians spoiled their ballots and voted for him to be president last year. What would I say to the Ben of old? I’d give him a smack o be honest, and I’d say: ‘How dare you think like that about a people that are so diverse. You need to start talking to people ou need to start asking the questions.’ We live in a multicultural, multifaith, multinational society. One of the Egyptians I talked to told me that Salah encompasses what being a Muslim is ollowing Islam correctly He believed that Salah is making people love Muslims again. When Salah scores I think he’s scoring for the faith When he won the Champions League I said to my friend that was a victory for Islam After each of his goals Salah practises the sujood (prostration) and exposes a very Islamic symbol to the world. ? How many people watch the Premier League every week Millions globally. Salah showed me that you can be normal and a Muslim,. if that’s the right phrase. You can be yoursel if that’s the right phrase. You can be yoursel and is respected by the football community nd his politics, his religion, don’t matter – . and to me that’s what football can do Now, I’d say to Muslim kids: ‘Don’t be afraid to go to a football match.’ I think that’s an issue we have to look at from both sides. I was afraid of being segregated. I don’t want to lose my mates because I look at them as brothers to me Now I’ve got a fifth of the world’s population as brothers and sisters. When people read the Quran, or read about Islam ey see something different that is not always portrayed in the media. ’m new to the Islamic community and I’m still learning. It is hard. It’s a lifestyle change. he community has to branch out, play football go to football. It’s up to us to realise that we’re in this together And the best spokesman for that could be Mohamed Salah. This is the most important thing Bird said Islam is our pride Please like the video

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