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الخازوق: الملحد شريف جابر وخطأ البخاري – سيد عز الدين

In fact, this episode didn’t take me too much time
to prepare. Except for just one sentence that (Sherif Gaber) said took me three days to figure out. Once Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) came out of the room and called (Abu-Seedo) and told him … Just Imagine, I spent three days reading all dictionaries and historical books To know the character of (Abu-Seedo)
that (Sherif Gaber) mentioned, yet I didn’t know him unfortunately. So I decided to read in other book s in different languages; I read – books – in Persian, Hindi, Somali
and Wolof (Senegalese). Yet I didn’t know that character of (Abu-Seedo) Till I decided to travel. And Al-Bukhari traveled to Baghdad, Basra, Kufa, Damascus, Jerusalem and Egypt, also went up to the moon and descended. {So funny, dude} All this effort just to know who (Abu-Seedo) is,
yet I didn’t know him. Till I found out that so-called (Abu-Seedo أبو سيدو)
is the Companion (Abu-Usayd Al-Sa’idi أبو أسيد الساعدي) But (Sherif Gaber) uttered that name as you heard. So you can imagine the mentality of the person
we’re arguing with. He assume he’s able to criticize a book even though he can’t read what this book has within pages. In the past, Executing criminals and liars was neither fulfilled by shooting nor with guillotine, But being impaled. So, this episode is as an impale for (Sherif Gaber) – the atheist. In fact, (Sherif Gaber)’s episode significantly relied on mental, scientific and logical fallacies and too many lies and jokes as well! For instance, (Sherif Gaber) tried to fool his viewers by denying thae fact that; (Al-Bukhari) memorized over 70.000 Hadith
while he was young. One thing (Al-Bukhari) mentioned is that
he memorized over 70.000 Hadith. That means (Al-Bukhari) when he was young memorized 10 times what he wrote in his Sahih Book. Assuming that he was listening to 10 Hadith everyday, So he would need 19 years according to these calculations; 10 Hadith/day. Let’s suppose that he started memorizing Hadith
when he was 5 years old. So when he had finished the 70.000 Hadith,
He would have been 24 years old. While he said he was a kid
who memorized 70.000 Hadith, How so?!! In fact, If (Al-Bukhari) had memorized 10 times what he wrote in his Sahih Book, That would have never been a problem. That’s because the actual number of Hadith
in Sahih Al-Bukhari is about 2.700 Hadith. And the other Hadiths are reduplicated. Because Muslim scholars count the Hadiths concerning the number of (Sanad) instead of (Matn) That means; One Hadith has been narrated by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) but has many (Sanad). [Explain] That Hadith has been narrated by many Companions and Followers and so on. [Again] Muslim scholars count the Hadiths concerning the number of (Sanad) instead of (Matn) So If we said that (Al-Bukhari)
when he was young memorized, Ten times what he wrote in his Sahih Book. That means, he has memorized 27.000 non-repeated Hadith. Because the actual number of Hadiths
in Sahih Al-Bukhari is 2.700 Multiply 2.700 by 10 equals 27.000 non-repeated Hadith. So If (Al-Bukhari) had memorized three quarters Hadith, Then he would have memorized 12 Hadith. So (Al-Bukhari) would have finished those 27.000
only in 6 years time. And this is the very time that (Al-Bukhari) said he memorized Hadith in. He said, “I started by the age of 10 and finished Hadiths up when I was 16 years old.” Then it proves the truth and trustiness of (Al-Bukhari) because our calculations equaled with the same era (Al-Bukhari) said that He memorized those 70.000 Hadith in. Yet, demanding your right has to be professional…
and with good manners of your side. Pardone me! While your ugly way of demanding rights – as a fake cinema hero; is neither professional nor has good manners at all. (Sherif Gaber) believes that our proof is scientifically rejected. Scientifically, Man cannot memorize 70.000 Hadith, As the human brain is unable to memorize such huge amount of information. Scientifically, What (Sherif Gaber) has just said
is Bullshit! According to Scientific American Website As Paul Reber said, “The brain contains 1 Billion neural cellsthat are capable to save 1 Million Gigabytes.” Also he said, “If you could play a video with the capacity of the human memory, It will remain ON for 300 years without stopping.” This so-called Sherif is dumbass,
Does he know he is dumbass? Yes, he knows, indeed. – And the government, they know that he is a dumbass?!
– Yeah, I guess. So, Is it written (Sherif the Dumbass) in his passport?! What about his blood type?
(Bullshit)?! That dumbass (Sherif Gaber) says that the most famous man who has a record in Guinness World Records The most famous man who has a record in Guinness World Records was a Chinese guy called Shaw Lo. China is cool. He has memorized about 68.000 sequential numbers. No doubt, this is just bullshit. ‘Cause If you stopped any passerby and asked him, “How many numbers do you memorize?” That normal man won’t tell you only 68.000 numbers,
but he will tell you 1 or 2 million numbers also. So that man didn’t win Guinness World Records selection for just memorizing any 86.000 numbers. But Lu Chau (which Sherif called him Shaw Lo) has memorized 68.000 decimal numbers of Pi. If you divided the circumference of a circle by its diameter, you get Pi. In Arabic Maths, We call Pi (ط) which equals to 22÷7 Pi=22÷7=3.14159265359 Mathematicians estimate the decimal numbers before the decimal point with 1 Trillion numbers. Lu Chau only memorizes 68.000 decimal numbers
out of those 1 Trillion decimal numbers. Now I ask you; Which is easier?! To memorize 100 numbers that are meaningless
to your life, Just for the ability and sake of memorizing?! Or to memorize 100 Hadith that are related to your Prayer, Fast, Belief in God, customs and everyday life?! So, Do you choose memorizing 100 meaningless numbers or 100 Hadith? Even though, We’ll consider (Sherif Gaber)’s opinion is totally right, and let’s convert every number into a word. If we convert each number into a word, If you gonna use this method, you’ll find out that; The youngest kid among Muslims
who memorizes the Noble Qur’an his absorptive capacity is 24 times as Lu Chau. That’s because you can memorize the whole Qur’an which contains 77.000 in 6 months. On the other hand, Lu Chau took him 12 years
to memorize those 68.000 numbers. That means; If you memorize the Noble Qur’an, then your absorptive capacity is 24 times as Lu Chau. But as we said, memorizing number is more difficult than memorzing words – in fact Especially when the numbers are meaningless. Especially when the words have meaning related to your everyday life. For example; You’ll find many people don’t memorize their own mobile number that he uses everyday and gives it to many people. If you were to ask this person for his mobile number,
he’d have to open his mobile and search for it, At the same time, he can memorize Suratul Fatihah which contains tens of words in just 2 or 3 minutes. And (Sherif Gaber) is trying to inflate that issue for you, he says that only one page in Sahih Al-Bukhari contains.. If we have 450 words in one page – on average. And this is so funny 🙂 Because according to his own words (Sherif) that; One page of Sahih Al-Bukhari is 3.5 times as one page of The Noble Qur’an. As one page of The Noble Qur’an contains 128 words. [Prove] When you multiply 77.000 words in the Noble Qur’an by 605 pages, You’ll get 128 words a page on average. So (Sherif Gaber) want to fool you
and make you believe that; One page of Sahih Al-Bukhari is 3.5 times
as one page of The Noble Qur’an. All you have to do to know whether (Sherif Gaber)
is a liar or honest, Just open a page of both The Noble Qur’an
and Sahih Al-Bukhari. Regardless what he said that one page in
Sahih Al-Bukhari only contains 450 words without; (Sanad), Brackets, Footnotes, titles and so on. His own words are just nonsense.
However, In only one case it can be found true! {Wherin Mum live and think} Don’t fool me!
Or I’ll mention your mother with bad words!
. However, (Sherif Gaber) has another way of math. (Al-Bukhari) has traveled for 16 years.
He gathered 600.000 Hadith within. Let’s suppose that he was listening to a Hadith
per hour. Also, suppose, that he was checking each Hadith in the same hour – not in a week or a month! And we say that (Al-Bukhari) was spending 10 hours a day concerning everyday life; Eating, drinking, sleeping, going in and out. And does nothing at all but listening to Hadiths
that other people narrated them. That means, he was listening
and checking 14 Hadith everyday. So let’s do the math,
Multiply 600.000 Hadith by 14 Hadith/Day So the Book of Sahih Al-Bukhari took him 40.000 days. While he said before the book only took him 16 years
to finish, How so? Of course this is a fallacy which lack of understanding resulted in. Because the word (Hadith) was known and used for the early Muslim scholars as; Quotes and speeches that were narrated
by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) or stories from Companions or the Followers. (Al-Bukhari)’s primal procedure was that he would exclude the effects of Companions and Followers before attempting his research. Secondly, How did you deduce that (Al-Bukhari) needed
one hour to check each Hadith, While there are Hadiths which I can tell which it’s weak or not in a blink of an eye?! For example; When I read a Hadith
narrated by (Al-Waqidy) How much time do I really need to mark the Hadith as weak base on the fact that the narrator is weak?! Another example; When I read a Hadith that (Al-Hassan Al-Bassry) took upon Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) How many hours do I really need to mark the Hadith as weak base on the discontinued Sanad of the Hadith?! Because (Al-Hassan Al-Bassry) didn’t live
in the epoch of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) So (Sherif)’s calculations are completely wrong,
as we need to take out next; The speeches of Companions and Followers. To allot an hour for each Hadith is incorrect, Because not every Hadith will take you an hour
or less to check. Also searching after one Sanad will save time for you searching others. Because you may find a Sanad. after checking it once… you’ll find out that the same Sanad is repeated in several Hadiths. So checking once well will save your time for searching tens of times. (Al-Bukhari) himself said; “I memorize 100.000 authentic Hadith and 200.000 doubtful Hadith, While I’ve only wrote down in the Sahih book
the authentic Hadiths .” So, in principle, (Al-Bukhari) said he wouldn’t search into the 600.000 Hadith but only 100.000 Hadith, Because the rest of Hadiths are either not concerning Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) Or they are weak Hadiths that I won’t search into
or investigate them at all. Now, Let’s do the maths; Multiply 100.000 by 16 years of searching
(not 40.000 days as Sherif the liar assumed) We’ll get 6.250 Hadith for a year. Multiply again, You’ll get 17 Hadith a day. Take out 14 hours (instead of only 10) for eating, drinking and sleeping. You’ll find out that (Al-Bukhari) checked
less than 2 Hadiths (1¾ Hadith actually) Is it hard for a scholar who dedicated his life for [Sunnah] the life of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) to search and check less than 2 Hadiths in an hour?! Whilst (Sherif Gaber) says, Firstl, If you focus on that epoch, you’ll find out that it was an epoch of lie, innovation and fabrication!. (Al-Bukhari) extracted only 7.275 Sahih Hadith out 660.000 Hadith?!. That means 99% which was narrated and narrated
and quoted about Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was lie. Theoretically, this means, out of 100 Muslims
back then, only 1 was honest!. And this asserts to doubt the remaining 1% To make you doubt (Al-Bukhari) himself. And this is just completely wrong! Because to the reasons behind the weaknesses
of Hadith are so many other than a false narrator. A false narrator will not only make the Hadith doubtful,
but it’ll become a forged Hadith also. The reasons behind marking a Hadith as doubtful
are 44 terms other than a false narrator. for instance; the discontinued source and the weak ability of memorizing and so an so. How about bombing (Sherif Gaber)’s front?! {Al-Bukhari said that he memorized 100.000 authentic Hadith and 200.000 doubtful Hadith. (Al-Bukhari) said that he would memorize 100.000 authentic Hadith, as (Sherif Gaber) assumed. Let’s suppose, each Hadith’s Sanad out of those 100.000 Hadith has only 5 narrators. That means you got 500.000 honest narrators, which is really good reason to believe
and authenticates (Al-Bukhari), and his epoch as well. As we told you that there will be mental and scientific fallacies – we mentioned some of them, And some jokes, Let’s listen to these jokes 🙂 Patricia Crone; historian and Eastern-Languages scholar. She said that after Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) death, there were only a few Hadiths which were popular amongst people. And there were attempts to find the source of those who narrated or listened directly to Prophet himself (PBUH). Although those people who were trying to figure out the truth – were near to the time of the Prophet’s (PBUH) death, They couldn’t know the character of men who passed on these Hadiths – sequentially – till Prophet’s (PBUH) death. (Sherif Gaber) is quoting from Patricia Crone to strengthen his position. Patricia Crone is a well-known Jewish author who participated with Michael Cook the Jewish in writing a book called; Hagarizm. So he take the opinion of a Jew author as a defense; as she said that (Al-Bukhari) [who gathered Hadiths] came after Prophet with more than 200 years. Here comes the joke 🙂 The same person, Patricia, believes – as a Jew – that; The Torah was written after Moses passed away with more than 1200 years. Why do you have such a big nose?! Speak good, or else, Shut up! Regardless the nonsense that Patricia about Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) that He didn’t really live in Mecca
[The Arabian Peninsula] but in Jordan! Another jokes in (Sherif)’s episode that Sherif believes that (Al-Bukhari) is a liar. There were also many people who regarded (Al-Bukhari) as a liar and advised people not to trust him. The Noble Qur’an Itself is an evidence
that (Al-Bukhari) is a liar?! (Sherif Gaber), here, thinks that (Al-Bukhari) is a liar
and he was the one who was fabricating Hadiths. However, in the same episode, (Sherif Gaber) says that (Al-Bukhari) was neither a liar nor fraud. And also he wasn’t fabricating Hadiths
in his Sahih Book. So, What about these Hadiths in the Sahih Book?
Was (Al-Bukhari) the one who fabricated it?! No, not necessarily! Another joke; (Sherif) says that The Hadiths were originally written and fabricated in the Umayyad and Abbasid Era! These Hadiths started to appear among people during the political conflict between the Umayyad and Abbasid. At the same time, (Sherif Gaber) believes that
Muslims are the ones who fabricated those Hadiths, To innovate the concept of (Jihadism) so that they can invade other countries; Like Persia, Roman and Yemen as well. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) told his Companions that the first strike in the rock represents Conquest of Yemen, The second strike represents Conquest of the West. And the third strike represents Conquest of the East. This Hadith was fabricated ’cause the caliphs themselves wanted to invade these countries. The funny thing about his words is these countries were neither Islamicly conquest during Ummayad nor Abbasid but there were conquest during the epoch of Calhiph (Omar Ibn Al-Khattab). The funniest is there’s no Hadith neither in the Book of Sahih Al-Bukhari, Muslim nor the other 4 Books of Hadiths that praises the Ummayad & Abbasid or condemns
the Ummayad & Abbasid. How come do you say that the Ummayad or the Abbasid themselves fabricated those Hadthis, Whilst their country, nation or even polity weren’t mentioned within the Book of Sahih Al-Bukhari?! As I told in the beginning that (Sherif)’s episode
is full of trash and lies. For instance; (Sherif Gaber) says that (Al-Bukhari) was just glorified after his death not when alive. Glorification of Al-Bukhari you notice, hear and feel currently wasn’t presented when Al-Bukhari was alive, It’s just cumulative glorification after hundreds of years his death till now. Surely we don’t glorify anybody except than Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), and we don’t consider anyone as impeccable definitely. Yet, (Al-Bukhari) learnt under 1080 Sheikh. and he had – himself – students
estimated at ten thousands. Out of them; Iman Tirmizi, Muslim, Nasa’iy, Darimy and Ibn Khozaymah. Most of the scholars who lived in the same epoch praised him like Imam Ahmed Ibn Hanbal. So the popularity and celebrity of (Al-Bukhari) was first during his lifetime not only after his death. Stop lying, Dude. They must call you
Sherif the decietful. Another lie; (Sherif Gaber) says that there were many people who called (Al-Bukhari) a liar. But there were other people who called (Al-Bukhari) a liar and misleader and advised people not to trust his words. Even though (Sherif Gaber) didn’t mention one name – even a vague one that accused (Al-Bukhari)
of being a liar. Another lie; (Sherif Gaber) says that other books of
(Al-Bukhari) are bigger than Sahih Book. (Al-Bukhari) didn’t only devote 16 years
to write his Sahih Book, But he wrote another 18 books also,
during the same era. All of these books are the same size as Sahih Book,
even bigger! By (Sherif Gaber) saying this, It means that he had
a paper prepared, he saved it and said it in front of the camera. ‘Cause If he were to spend some time reading other books of (Al-Bukhari), He would know that other books of (Al-Bukhari)
are smaller than Sahih Book by ten times. For instance; The book (Reciting behind the Imam)
is only consists of 70 page. The book (Acts of People) is only 100 page. The book (Islamic Manners) is only 300 page. This is a proof to assert to believe that
the liar is (Sherif Gaber) not (Al-Bukhari). Another lie of (Sherif Gaber); he said that The Noble Qur’an says that
Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) has no miracles at all. The Noble Qur’an assured 100 times that
Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is just an ordinary man not a (Miracle Maker). Why didn’t (Sherif the Dumbass) mention one verse at least from the Noble Qur’an that affirm that?! This is such lie, no doubt. ‘Cause The Noble Qur’an mentioned numerous miracles for Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) . For instance; The night journey of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) from Mecca to Jerusalem [Chapter 17] Also, His ascension to the seventh Heaven [Chapter 53] Also, The miracle of splitting the moon [Chapter 54] Also, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) told about
the human embryogenesis; A sperm drop, a clinging substance & an embryonic lump [Chapters 23&23] Also, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) told about unseen affairs that accomplished in his life time, Like the Roman-Persian War and other miracles as well. Do you wanna know more miracles of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) that were mentioned in The Noble Qur’an?! However, The Noble Qur’an did not mention all Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) miracles, Because anyone who saw the miracle could narrate it
to other people after the death of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). As God Did Not Reveal The Noble Qur’an to chronicle
the life of Prophet (PBUH) and mention His miracles. And this point contradicts the idea of {Ad hominem} which (Sherif Gaber) falsely accused Muslims of; (Sherif Gaber) said the Muslims wanted to personalize Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and to raise His mention. The Noble Qur’an neither talks about Prophet’s Muhammad (PBUH) His Mother nor Father. The Noble Qur’an doesn’t list nor recite the details of every miracle that Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) made. But The Noble Qur’an was focused on educating Muslim their religion and correct doctrine. But (Sherif Gaber) has his own reasons that he believes that (Al-Bukhari) is so contradictory Hence, (Al-Bukhari) is a liar. You do remember that Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) died at the age of 63, don’t you?! In fact, Nobody knows the exact number. (Al-Bukhari) said that Prophet Muhammad died at
the age of 60, then he said at the age of 63. Afterwards him comes an Imam called (Muslim) wrote that Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) died at the age of 65
then he said 60 {in another Hadith} Concerning the point of Prophet’s (PBUH) death. He said that (Al-Bukhari) wrote that Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) died either at the age of 60, 63 or 65. If he used his own brain, he’d knew that this is not contradictory, while it’s a method that (Sherif Gaber) himself used! Because the Arabs usually use
the integer without fraction {rounding}. For example; God Says in The Noble Qur’an
[Chapter 89; verses 1,2] “By the dawn. And by ten nights.” Even though we know that the nights of Dhul-Hijjah
are nine not ten. Because The Noble Qur’an mentioned ten
as an integer without fraction For example; You can say; “My father lived for 70 years.” However. his father might lived for 71 or 72 years. (Sherif Gaber) himself used that method
when he talked about Imam (Al-Tabari) At the same time, someone called (Al-Tabari) was born after Muslims entered Palestine with 300.. (Sherif) is talking about Imam (Al-Tabari) who was born after Conquest of Palestine with 300 years. Yet. Imam (Al-Tabari) was born after Conquest of Palestine with 216 years. So (Sherif) used the approximate calculation method! So, If we heard (Sherif Gaber) says in another episode that Imam (Al-Tabari) was born after Conquest of Palestine with 216 or 210 years, Yet, he said now it was after Conquest of Palestine
with 300 years. Then you may call (Sherif Gaber) a liar. In fact, (Sherif Gaber) used the approximate calculation method. But (Sherif Gaber) wants to inflate this issue to his viewers, so he said it was after 300 year. But it would be more appropriate if he used rounding to the minimum. And he should have said that (Al-Tabari) was born after Conquest of Palestine with only 200 years instead of 300. So with (Sherif)’s own criteria, he’s a liar. (Sherif) thinks that (Al-Bukhari) is a liar other than the age of the Prophet (PBUH). (Sherif) the dumbass, thinks that (Al-Bukhari) is a liar ’cause there’s a story in Hadith about Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) that’s similar to a story about Jesus Christ in The Bible. One of the Prophet’s (PBUH) miracles, one that occur in Battle of the Trench. When a Companion brought a goat for the Prophet (PBUH) so that he could eat it. That Companion was so surprised when the Prophet (PBUH) called out all soldiers to eat with him. While the soldiers were eating, the mean became larger not smaller! The funny thing is the same story was mentioned
in The New Testament {The Bible}! If we used that same stupid principle, then you can say that The Bible is fake and untruthful. Because The New Testament mentioned that Jesus Christ resurrect Eleazar who was dead. ‘Cause it’s mentioned in The Old Testament {Torah} that Isaiah resurrected a dead kid. So do you think we should consider the transcribers of The Bible liars ’cause they copied the story from The Torah? This is a wrong principle, in fact. But we believe that Allah {God} gave Jesus Christ (PBUH) miracles that were similar to previous prophets. Similarly, Allah {God} gave Muhammad (PBUH) miracles that were similar to previous prophets. Also (Sherif Gaber) thinks that (Al-Bukhari) is a liar, because Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was asked
more than once , “Which deed is the best?”. but the Prophet (PBUH) answered with different response each time. Prophet (PBUH) was asked, “Which deed is the best?” Once He (PBUH) answered, “Best deed is Faith in Allah, then Holy fight then Pilgrimage”. Another time He (PBUH) answered, “Performing the prayer at its earliest fixed time,
then Kindness towards parents.” Another time He (PBUH) answered, “Best deed
is Holy fight.”. So you ought to tell us which deed is best to do, or else do not fabricate a random answers while you don’t know the truth, O (Al-Bukhari) Only a retarded person like (Sherif Gaber) will think there’s contradictory among those Hadiths. Because there will be no contradictory
if the questioner isn’t the same person {many people}. [Explain] Because the best deed for me isn’t necessarily the best deed for you or him. I don’t do all deeds, and I can’t do all the deeds. Answering each person for what he really need to do is intelligence from Prophet’s (PBUH) side. For instance,
When a blind man asks you, “What deed is best?” It’s illogical to tell him; “Reading”! ‘Cause he’s blind, he can’t read. That’s exactly what Prophet (PBUH) used. Because when a Mujahid {Holy Fighter} asks the Prophet (PBUH) about the best deed to do. So the Prophet (PBUH) responds, “The Remembrance of Allah.” ’cause that man remeber less. Or another person who prays a lot that asks the Prophet (PBUH) about best deed to do. So the Prophets (PBUH) answers, “Fasting.” So the Prophet (PBUH) always – astutely – indicated each person for what really they need. Because Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was advocated by the Revelation. Also (Sherif Gaber) think Sahih Al-Bukhari is contradictory ’cause the story of (Omayma Bint Sharahil) as well as the lie within the story he told. Sahih Al-Bukhari is contradictory ’cause the same story is narrated again But in the second time, it was mentioned as his wife not his odalisque. The same story is repeated twice, with two different characters. So logically, at least of them is a lie.
If not both are lie. So (Sherif Gaber) thinks that Sahih Al-Bukhari is contradictory ’cause the story is repeated twice. (Sherif) the dumbass deduced that the Hadith is contradictory. Because (Al-Bukhari) wrote at the first time that
Prophet (PBUH) married (Omayma) The other time, he wrote that Prophet (PBUH) married the odalisque in the house of (Omayma) But (Sherif) the stupid dumbass doesn’t know the apposition method which Arabs use usually. When I tell you;
“I met John Brown.” Then I tell you;
“I met John Brown in John Brown’s house.” So, logically, there’s only one John. Then we take the point of The demolition of the Kaaba and Birds in flocks. Ask yourself, Why did God send birds striking Abraha and his Axumite army with stones of hard clay, while there’s no any historical evidences that proves that really happened. But when there were evidences and eyewitnesses, He didn’t do anything about that! And the Kaaba was demolished
– after that – 12 times at least. Kaaba, for which you spend your life savings. To go there pray and cry, While you image that Prophet Adam (PBUH) is the one who built it, But it was actually built 20 years ago! Your own house is – overwhelmingly – older than the Kaaba! (Sherif Gaber) says here that the Kaaba was demolished many times after the Prophet’s (PBUH) death, Then Why didn’t God send birds in flocks to save it?! Firstly, the incident of Abraha didn’t match with any stories in the history, that a general with his invading army came to Kaaba to destroy and demolish it. All other times that Kaaba was demolished and Muslims rebuilt it was a result of natural factor. Even that time – (Sherif) meant – when (Al-Hajjaj Ibn Yousef) didn’t demolish the Kaaba itself. As Kaaba was laureate glorified for both
Al-Hajjaj Ibn Yousef) and the Umayyad. But (Al-Hajjaj) intended to strike (Abdullah Ibn Al-Zubayr) who was fortified by the Kaaba. (Al-Hajjaj) didn’t intend to demolish Kaaba, and Kaaba itself was not demolished back then. But one wall of Kaaba has sidetracked, so (Abdullah Ibn Al-Zubayr) decided to rebuild the Kaaba. So as I explained, Kaaba was neither demolished
nor meant to be demolished by (Al-Hajjaj Ibn Yousef) (Sherif Gaber) the atheist thought that because he really believes that Muslims worship the stones. We don’t! Kaaba isn’t like idols
(Which people glorify and worship its stones) Also we don’t consider Kaaba as Egypt’s Pyramids
that got its sanctity by living old for thousands of years. But Kaaba got its sanctity from its place that Allah is worshiped in, as it was built on the pillars of Prophet Abraham (PBUH) We don’t sanctify rocks and stones to say that Kaaba
is about 20 or 30 years old. Als Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) told us that
Kaaba will be demolished in the future Its demolition will be a Sign of the Hour, and the one who will demolish is from Abyssinia. Yet after demolishing it, Kaaba will be great and glorified for us – even if Muslims rebuilt thousands of times. The last narration in Sahih Al-Bukhari that (Sherif Gaber) thinks it’s contradictory is the story when (Abdullah Ibn Salam) avow himself as a Muslim (Sherif Gaber) said that (Abdullah Ibn Salam) could never knew the answers of questions that he asked to the Prophet (PBUH) unless he was indeed a Prophet {Abdullah}. Do you wanna make sure that most of these Hadiths in the Sahih Book aren’t only contradictory but forged also, Let me tell you another Hadith, Once upon a time, there was a man called (Abdullah Ibn Salam) He heard too much about a man claims to be a Prophet. So he wanted to go to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) to make sure that he’s a true Prophet indeed. (Abdullah Ibn Salam) went to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and told, “I’ll ask you 3 questions, which answers only known by real prophets.” He (PBUH) agreed. And (Abdullah Ibn Salam) asked Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) “First. What’s the first Sign of the Hour?” “Second, What’s the first meal that People in Paradise will have?” “Third, What makes the infant boy or girl?” Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said that Gabriel has just told me. And the Prophet (PBUH) told him the exact answers! You need no time to realize that this Hadith is forged. How did (Abdullah Ibn Salam) know the answers were the right ones?! He knew the answers ’cause he ought to be a messenger of God. (Abdullah) – himself – said that only Prophets and Messengers of God know the right answers. We feel free now to call (Sherif) the dumbass. Because (Abdullah Ibn Salam) was a Jew He learnt oral teachings under Rabbi As Jews have oral orders and teachings by which they elucidate The Torah and gathered them in Talmud. (Abdullah Ibn Salam) memorized some teachings and instruction from his old Rabbi. These teachings are secret and only known by one of two; A Prophet or a Jew who was raised amongs Rabbi in temples. It’s impossible for a man lived and raised in desert, cannot read or write in Arabic rather than Hebrew to know these teachings. So when (Abdullah Ibn Salam) asked Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) these questions, he knew that these teachings are only known
by a prophet. This situation here is like story that happened between two men who were in Kaaba, And he told his friend that he was going to kill Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) When that Companion returned to Madina to meet Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), Muhammad (PBUH) told him about what happened between him and his friend about intention to kill, Also He (PBUH) told him about the place, the day, the hour and the same words they uttered back then. That man avowed himself to be a Muslim at once. That man became Muslim, though two persons knew that conversation than Prophet (PBUH); He and his friend he had a chat with. But he became a Muslim ’cause no one will know that conversation at the exact time except a Prophet. That’s what (Abdullah Ibn Salam) exactly did. No one will know the right answers to the 3 questions except for someone who was raised in a temple amongst Rabbi or a Prophet. At the end of this episode, We wanna told you that; (Al-Bukhari) and his Sahih Book will remain, But (Sherif Gaber) will perish! And (Sherif Gaber)’s episode, that he claimed it contains mistakes in Sahih Al-Bukhari, are just impale and stakes for atheists. If (Sherif Gaber) think that our answers aren’t persuasive for his episode, then I invite him into a public debate entitled
“Al-Bukhari and Sahih Book” Remember to Like, Share and Subscribe to our channel
if you like this episode. Also make sure you’ve watched our previous videos here {below the screen} Peace be upon you! There’s only ONE religion that Allah has revealed to His Prophets, which is Islam The right path is not about the plurality of countless religions, Think !

Jean Kelley



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    ومعصية الرسول هي مخالفة سنة الرسول سواء كان قول او عمل
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  81. othmani arij Posted on March 7, 2020 at 12:56 pm

    there is something you missed .. he dident talked about what actually ended up in the book .. he talked about the original amount of ahadiths memorised

  82. ابراهيم رجب Posted on March 7, 2020 at 11:00 pm

    هناك أشخاص واقوام احق ياشريف بالنقض والسخرية جاتك نيلة تاخدك مين اللى معايا

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  84. Hana Aldalate Posted on March 8, 2020 at 10:00 am

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    لكن اذا كان ملحد فجزائه الموت مش نرد عليه ونعمله حلقات ونشهره مهو هوا عايز كدا عشان ينشهر لان في ناس حتدور على الفيوهات وتتفرج عليها وهو يكسب مشاهدات وينشهر

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  87. مُّحَمَّدٌ رَّسُولُ اللَّهِ Posted on March 10, 2020 at 8:02 am


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    لك دخيل ربك ….الله محيي البطن يلي حملك…. 😘😘😘😘😘

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    يا مسلمين، ساعدوا المسلمين الآخرين وتبرعوا معي رجائاً. انا على مهمة ان اساعد المسلمين حوالي العالم. ومن تبرع فأدعي الله ان يعوضه على حسناته.
    جزاكم الله خيراً

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  95. Aymane MOUSSAFIR Posted on March 15, 2020 at 3:02 pm

    d après le titre de votre video je dèduis que vous voulez que Cherif Gaber soit condamnè à mort a cause des ses opinions qui ne sont pas dènuès de bon sens comme les tiens ! Les vèritables musulmans comme toi sont des hommes qui souhaitent la peine du mort a chaque athèe ! quelle mentalitè du merde

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